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Data consulting can help your organization with a variety of challenges related to data and data-driven decision making. Our consultants will help you leverage the potential of data at every level of your organization. Together, let us discover and catalogue your requirements, making sure that the data ecosystem will support key business initiatives – having a tangible impact on your company’s bottom line.

Our data consultants bring a wealth of expertise and experience in the latest data technologies, and methodologies. BitPeak can help your organization make informed decisions, by providing valuable insights and recommendations. Through data consulting, your organization can improve the efficiency and accuracy of data-driven processes. The result? A better decision making and improved performance on every level. Data consulting is the answer if you want to:


Improve the quality of your data


Increase data privacy and securit


Ensure protection and compliant usage of sensitive data


Streamline and optimize processes in your organization


Our solution

Data consulting is a first step towards increasing data maturity of an organization and becoming data-driven. Through data governance audits, you can see how data quality in existing systems can be improved, as well as how data transformation can help you optimize business processes, reducing risks and costs. Organize your data and through proof of concept – see how it can help your business evolve.

As your partner, we will help you decide how to invest in data, to create measurable value instead of empty buzzwords. How to choose the best, and the most cost efficient technological solutions to reach your goals. More than half of the data projects fail because of dissonance between data and business strategy. We will help you in synergizing them and ensure, that the targeted improvements are not only implemented, but also providing real value and concrete business advantages.




Data governance audits


Data landscape roadmap


Reducing operational costs


Cloud adoption strategy


Optimizing business processes


Data-driven decision making

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