The client


Edenred stands as a foremost provider of transactional solutions catering to companies, employees, and business partners globally. With a presence in multiple countries, Edenred offers an innovative spectrum of products and services.


Beyond merely facilitating transactions, Edenred builds strong collaboration with numerous corporate associates, ensuring optimized value propositions and enhanced business engagements. Their extensive service range not only underscores advanced transactional solutions but also embeds business process enhancement, insights, and consultancy, positioning them as a pivotal ally in the modern corporate landscape.





The challenge

  • Suitable tool was needed to govern Key Accounts Managers, their progress and to track sales figures.


  • Due to the nature of the client’s data, the highest security standards were required.


  • The ability to conduct thorough data analysis and trends was required



The solution


The solution contained up-to-date data that was loaded from the source systems and updated minimum 3 times a day and on demand. In addition, the solution presented measures with names in line with the accepted glossary established during the analysis phase.


The design of the solution harmonizes the layout in accordance with Edenred’s guidelines for the colour palette and the use of the company logo.


To ensure that the data was correct in relation to the source systems, the solution verifies the completeness of the data at each stage of the ETL process, and information on incomplete data was recorded in the operational logs so that appropriate corrective action could be taken. Additionally the solution prevented double loading of the same transactional data thanks to the mechanisms used, such as incremental feeds and business key recognition.


The use of the Power BI tool provided a number of functionalities, such as sorting, filtering, expand/download tables and charts, and users were also able to add their own calculated quantities based on the presented data and build charts themselves (self-service BI).


Reports included both current and historical data, which were displayed automatically according to previous arrangements and the selected time period. Additionally through usage of latest UX practices, the reports were designed to be easily readable and understandable with minimal training, while providing broad range of information.




Python: For establishing underlying logic


SQL: For data manipulation and definition


Microsoft Azure services (ADL, ADF and Synapse): For storage and integration


Power BI: For data visualization




Sales department

A data platform that swiftly tracks sales stats equips the sales department with valuable insights, enabling them to provide near real-time feedback to their team. This not only fosters a culture of prompt recognition and rewards but also empowers sales representatives with actionable data, enhancing motivation and driving peak performance through rapid response to positive and negative trends.


Strategic decisions

Our solution not only augmented the sales department, but also supported the whole company in broad range of operation through dependable and quick reports, providing easy to use and valuable insights. This allowed personnel such as IT director, Team managers, Poland Branch Manager or Strategic Directors to make correct decisions based on quantifiable data.


Legal compliance

Thanks to our expertise we were able to provide our client with data platform containing robust security. This ensured legal compliance with stringent data protection regulations, such as GDPR, not only mitigating legal risks but also bolstering trust among stakeholders, underlining the company’s commitment to safeguarding sensitive financial data and personal information.