The client


A worldwide healthcare company dedicated to improving people’s health to their fullest potential. The company provides an extensive range of leading products that cater to positive, long-term healthcare trends across both advanced and emerging markets. With a workforce exceeding 100,000 and more than 4,000 FLMs operating in over 160+ countries, they are constantly finding innovative solutions to enhance lives.



The challenge


Due to scale of operations, the diversity of the managed regions, as well as strict internal and external regulations – our client required tailored, reliable a way to track and manage the prices of its top brands. Global pricing management required measurement of the realization of actual net selling prices compared to pricing guidelines on daily basis. This was to be done in order to establish and maintain optimal guidelines for individual company affiliates, monitor and supervise price formation of various products across countries.


The challenging aspect was the of dispersion of services and multiple data sources with different data structures (manual Excel file, VENA, SAP Analytical Cloud) which needed to be restructured.


Last but not least, the tool needed to present all aspects of business and financial analysis in user-friendly way.



The scope


  • Gathering of required business rules and guidelines to enable data analysis of price transparency, guidance and forecasting as historical data becomes available
  • Providing a holistic view of price transparency and pricing guidance, with data integrated from multiple data sources
  • Creating Power BI dashboard supporting supervision and decision-making in the field of price transparency and pricing guidance with additional functionalities dependent on the user needs or regional differences.



The solution:


Tailored design:


Delivery of first bespoke dashboard covering all aspects of global pricing transparency and guidance in as per requirements of Client, including advanced conditional (Benchmark) and designed KPIs.


The KPIs, requirements and region specific needs were gathered during extensive workshops provided for all Stakeholders.


Introduction KPIs regarding pricing guidance calculated at various levels of detail in order to establish guidelines for individual company affiliates, monitor and supervise price formation for various products across markets (countries). One important aspect we have taken into consideration was differences in currencies that needed to be accounted for during pricing calculations. This enabled us to provide much more meaningful comparison on a global scale, while preserving region specific insights.


Additionally, we were able to calculate average price per singular unit of the product such as pill or tube, increasing the precision and reliability of calculated trends and forecasts.



Data integration:


The data was sourced from 4 systems (manual Excel file, VENA, SAP Analytical Cloud) and processed to ensure highest data governance standards, compatibility and excellent data quality. The integration and development of the data layer were facilitated by the client’s use of cloud-based technology, which ensured easier deployment and much higher scalability.



Power BI Functionality:


Thanks to addition of a current selection panel at the top of each functional page, the dashboard was equipped with multiple filter values  as well as a wide range of interactive slicers and filters according to needs of Client.

Personal Visual table from Power BI was also used to enable table content modification by end user.


Additionally, thanks to Power Apps we enabled business users to assess the pricing recommendation in real time, increasing the trust in the solution and its reliability.


To reach our goal we used the following tech stack:  

  • Power BI: for data visualization
  • SQL: for data transporting
  • VENA: for data sourcing
  • SAP Analytical Cloud: for data sourcing
  • AWS Redshift: For data gathering and storage
  • Power Apps: For business user assessment


Ability to monitor the price performance and transparency for each product based on:

+ Sales values, and units sold, including forecasted value and volume

+ Costs of sales, including Gross Margin

+ Analysis of trends and data using visualizations (charts, tables)

+ Price guidance KPIs


Holistic view of the pricing process driving greater business value through:

+ Business and financial analysis

+ Exploration of interesting patterns in data

+ Tracking product performance (including sales, average selling prices, gross margins, costs)

+ Establishing price guidelines for each product type and controlling their implementation

+ Ability to compare product and price performance across different levels and product types


Broad adoption of the tool in the organization thanks to:

+ Interactive sliders and filters

+ Easy navigation and additional tooltips

+ User friendly interface

+ Trustworthy, reliable data

+ Ability to tailor presented data to current needs