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Data has become an ever more complex and vital part of modern business. Data can be used to create valuable insights, streamline difficult processes and optimize your costs. However, due to inefficient architecture, disorganized data model, redundancy, or outdated technology, harnessing the full value of data can be difficult.

Whether you want to have reports with global view of information in an organization, send automated, external and compliant reporting or simply obtain actionable analysis in real-time – you need high quality data, with secure infrastructure and system that you can tailor to your current and future business needs. Data processes should be secure, automated and save your time and money. With our help – they can be.


Our solution

To achieve secure and efficient data model, our team of experienced Data Engineers, and Business Analysts will research your needs and choose technology that suits them best. Thanks to our multicloud expertise, we can provide you with custom, modern, easily governed, and scalable solutions.

We will prepare data collection processes that will prepare, transform and integrate the data you need. Thanks to implemented business rules and metadata, you will be able to oversee the system and adapt it to changing business, technology and regulations.

BitPeak can help you build complex data platforms, data warehouses, data lakes, data lakehouses and datamarts. Enabling analysts, third party tools or internal processes to analyze data and prepare concise reports with actionable insights. Take care of your technological debt today and earn the dividends tomorrow.




Data Pipelines design and construction


Cloud migration


Big Data Processing


Data Warehousing


Data Monitoring and Management


Automatization of compliance procedures

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