Children’s Day at BitPeak – Showcase of creativity!


This Children’s Day, our company decided to host a unique competition for the children of #BitHikers. The challenge? Create artwork that showcases „how technology can fulfil dreams„. We had a lot of faith in the next generation, but the results were still an amazing surprise!


Not only were some pieces of really good quality (especially for contestants’ age brackets), but the sheer creativity in their approaches was astonishing. From simple drawings to acted-out videos to cardboard mockups of future technologies. The decision to choose the best contestants was hard, but we managed. Though there were sweet rewards for everyone involved!


Now we want to say thank you to all the children who participated and shared their visions with us. You’ve inspired us to think beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary potential of technology. Here’s to a future where every dream can come true! We know BitPeak will be a part of it!


Happy Children’s Day!


Below you can see some of the artwork from the contest: