Yesterday, BitPeak once again was part of a discussion about empowering large organizations with data. This time, we focused on Databricks’ DataLakehouse architecture and its benefits! We discussed best practices and our experiences in designing a holistic data architecture that addresses the needs of modern business.


Today, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to our inspiring meeting on empowering data innovation.



Our gathering, which aimed to create a knowledge hub for CTOs, CDOs, directors, and heads of Data Analytics, Data Management, and Data Architecture, was a great success. We achieved this thanks to the active participation and engagement of our guests from the banking (Santander Bank Polska, Alior Bank, Citi), aviation (LOT Polish Airlines, SITA), and telecommunications (Polkomtel) industries among others.


The discussions during and after Beata Boraca, Michał Szklarczyk, and Kiryl Halozhyn’s presentations definitely gave us new insights and perspectives!


Beata and Michał delved into the concept of modern DataLakehouse architecture. It’s a combination of the concepts of Data warehouse and Data Lake, which evolved over the years to provide the flexibility and scalability necessary to store, process, and share data in an enterprise-scale organization. Our speakers discussed good practices and experiences, which allowed us to design holistic data architecture addressing the needs of modern business.

Kiryl focused on the Data Intelligence Platform, which helps simplify and accelerate data and AI goals, from ETL to data warehousing to generative AI. The Platform also allows the entire organization to use data and AI.


We were also accompanied by Sebastian Kaminski, Witold Wojtowicz, and Krzysztof K. Zdeb, who, during the networking session, introduced our guests to the intricacies of the latest technologies for data into value.


Once again, for those who joined us yesterday – thank you very much. If you missed it and want to join us in future discussions on empowering data innovation, let’s stay in touch.