#BitHikers take a swing at Squash!

Last week, we had another opportunity to play our monthly Squash Tournament!

BitPeakers ditched the reports and dashboards for squash courts.  Turns out, they are not just good at analyzing data; but also pretty decent at hitting a small rubber ball in a confined space.

Some #BitHikers with more experience in bouncing balls of the walls took the lead on training.  Their backhands were quick and fast, and kept us running!The matches were  interesting. There were many impressive plays, a few accidental wall hits, and a lot of laughter.We even learned a thing or two about strategy and agility – useful skills for both squash and data wrangling.


Good news for those who missed out: this isn’t a one-off. We’re planning more of these outings. So, brush up on your sports skills (or don’t, it’s more fun that way) and prepare yourself and your shoes for some running!


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